Malcolm In The Middle

  • Episode 22: Graduation

    The last ever episode of the chaotic family sitcom sees Malcolm graduate from high school with Lois already making plans for him to be president

  • Episode 21: Morp

    Reese is paid to take the class swot to the school dance. Meanwhile Malcolm and the unpopular kids form an anti-prom alliance and stage a protest at the event.

  • Episode 20: Cattle Court

    Reese becomes a vegetarian after he has a nightmare in which he is convicted of murdering an animal by a pig prosecutor, a cow judge and a jury of sheep.

  • Episode 19: Stevie In The Hospital

    Malcolm cannot accept Stevie’s illness and makes excuses not to visit him in hospital.

  • Episode 18: Bomb Shelter

    Malcolm takes dancing lessons in order to impress a girl and finds himself involved in a dance-off.

  • Episode 17: Hal's Dentist

    Hal feels betrayed when his friend Trey charges $2,000 to fix his teeth.

  • Episode 16: Lois Strikes Back

    Reese is humiliated by three girls at school, so Lois decides to take revenge.

  • Episode 15: A.A.

    Hal and Lois attend Francis's one-year AA party, leaving the boys at home alone.

  • Episode 14: Hal Grieves

    When Hal's father dies, he reacts by indulging his sons with toys and buying Malcolm a sports car.

  • Episode 13: Mono

    Malcolm's initial delight that Lois has caught glandular fever is quickly diminished when he goes down with it too.

  • Episode 12: College Recruiters

    Malcolm finds himself dodging advances from keen university recruiters. Meanwhile, Dewey learns something new about Francis.

  • Episode 11: Bride Of Ida

    Lois, Hal and Dewey embark on a trip to a piano competition, and Ida brings a girl to stay.

  • Episode 10: Malcolm's Money

    Malcolm battles the school photographer to get a decent photo in his yearbook. Meanwhile, Reese enjoys life in a nursing home and Lois opens a letter for Malcolm containing a $10,000 grant.

  • Episode 9: Malcolm Defends Reese

    Malcolm considers sabotaging his high marks in order to preserve a historic academic title, and Hal gives Dewey romantic advice.

  • Episode 8: Army Buddy

    Hal becomes jealous of Lois's new foot supports, and Reese falls for his best friend, Abby.

  • Episode 7: Blackout

    Jamie causes a power cut and chaos descends. Reese tries to cook steaks, Francis is after a stuffed fish, and Malcolm sneaks three girls into the house.

  • Episode 6: Secret Boyfriend

    Malcolm gets a girlfriend, but she refuses to be seen with him in public.

  • Episode 5: Jessica Stays Over

    Malcolm learns about the fine art of manipulation, Reese tries to post himself to China, and Hal has trouble with a bee.

  • Episode 4: Halloween

    Hal discovers that the family house was once home to a gruesome murderer who lived among dead bodies before killing himself.

  • Episode 3: Reese Vs. Stevie

    While Dewey and Hal try to kick their addictions, could Reese have finally met his match in the robotically powered Stevie?

  • Episode 2: Health Insurance

    When Hal realises that his medical insurance has expired, the family has to try to avoid having any accidents for a week.

  • Episode 1: Burning Man

    The family heads off to an infamous festival in the desert, but they all soon get much more than they bargained for.