Malcolm In The Middle

Season 7 - Episode 9: Malcolm Defends Reese


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Malcolm considers sabotaging his high marks in order to preserve a historic academic title, and Hal gives Dewey romantic advice.

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  • Season 7 - Episode 10: Malcolm's Money

    Malcolm battles the school photographer to get a decent photo in his yearbook. Meanwhile, Reese enjoys life in a nursing home and Lois opens a letter for Malcolm containing a $10,000 grant.


  • Season 7 - Episode 8: Army Buddy

    Hal becomes jealous of Lois's new foot supports, and Reese falls for his best friend, Abby.

  • Season 7 - Episode 7: Blackout

    Jamie causes a power cut and chaos descends. Reese tries to cook steaks, Francis is after a stuffed fish, and Malcolm sneaks three girls into the house.

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