Malcolm In The Middle

  • Episode 16: Waterpark

    Malcolm and Reese spend the day fighting at the swimming pool.

  • Episode 15: Smunday

    When Lois is ill, Malcolm and his brothers convince her it is Sunday so they can skip school.

  • Episode 14: The Bots and the Bees

    While Lois is out of town visiting Francis after his appendectomy, Malcolm and his friends build a robot.

  • Episode 13: Rollerskates

    Malcolm suffers under his father's roller-skating tutelage, while Lois is sidelined with a back injury.

  • Episode 12: Cheerleader

    Malcolm helps Reese become a male cheerleader in the hope of attracting a girl.

  • Episode 11: Funeral

    Malcolm talks the family out of going to a relative's funeral so he can go on his first date.

  • Episode 10: Stock Car Races

    While Hal secretly takes the boys to the stock car races, Lois desperately searches for her missing pay cheque.

  • Episode 9: Lois vs Evil

    Francis enjoys his new assignment as a guard at a beauty pageant, and the family is poverty-stricken when Lois is fired from the grocery store.

  • Episode 8: Krelboyne Picnic

    The whole family attends a Krelboyne family picnic, and Malcolm fears that his performance in the Academic Circus will make him look like a freak.

  • Episode 7: Francis Escapes

    Malcolm's brother runs away from military school and comes home to see his girlfriend.

  • Episode 6: Sleepover

    Malcolm sleeps over at Stevie's house and appalled at his sheltered lifestyle, persuades him to sneak out to a late-night games arcade.

  • Episode 5: Malcolm Babysits

    While the family home is fumigated for bugs, Malcolm gets to babysit for the perfect family.

  • Episode 4: Shame

    Malcolm feels guilty about having beaten up a seven-year-old, and Francis tries to sabotage Spangler's sex education lecture.

  • Episode 3: Home Alone 4

    The boys are left with Francis for the weekend, promising that, if all goes well, Francis may not have to go back to military school.

  • Episode 2: Red Dress

    Lois takes drastic steps to discover which of her sons ruined her new evening dress.

  • Episode 1: Pilot

    Malcolm finds life as the middle brother in an eccentric family made even more difficult when he is placed in a class for gifted students at school.