Malcolm In The Middle

  • Episode 22: Mrs. Tri-County

    The boys enter Lois into a beauty pageant as a joke. However, Lois takes the competition seriously, much to the lads displeasure.

  • Episode 21: Buseys Takes A Hostage

    Dewey's fed-up classmates take their teacher, principal and janitor hostage.

  • Episode 20: Stilts

    After racking up a huge charge on the phone bill calling a pay-per-minute number, Reese and Malcolm take jobs popping experimental pills and walking on stilts in order to help pay the bills.

  • Episode 19: Motivational Seminar

    Hal stumbles his way into a job as a motivational speaker. Meanwhile, Reese begins hanging out with a pack of dogs and Dewey finds a new mum to spend time with.

  • Episode 14: Ida Loses A Leg

    During Ida's unwelcome visit with the family, she loses her leg while saving Dewey from a moving truck.

  • Episode 18: Ida's Dance

    It is Saint Grotus Day, and the celebrations are in fullswing. And this means that Lois and Ida have to work on the shop floor in some seriously ridiculous costumes.

  • Episode 17: Butterflies

    While working nights at the shop, Malcolm discovers something lurking in the aisles.

  • Episode 16: No Motorcycles

    Despite being forbidden to do so by Lois, Hal takes Francis on a wild motorcycle road trip for his 21st birthday.

  • Episode 15: Chad's Sleepover

    Dewey’s friend Chad wreaks havoc during a sleepover. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Reese discover what their classmates really think about them.

  • Episode 13: Tiki Lounge

    Hal turns the garage into a romantic lounge so he and Lois can spend time together.

  • Episode 12: Living Will

    Hal panics when he is made the executor of a neighbour’s living will and has to decide whether to keep him on life support or pull the plug.

  • Episode 11: Dewey's Opera

    Moved to tears by an opera he sees on television, Dewey is inspired to write his own operatic masterpiece based on his parents’ arguements.

  • Episode 10: Billboard

    Lois catches the boys vandalising a billboard for a strip club, so Malcolm tries to get out of being pubished by claiming they were protesting for women's rights.

  • Episode 9: Malcolm's Car

    Malcolm buys a beat up 1967 Cuda but he gets caught up with restoring it that he ignores Stevie and Reece.

  • Episode 4: Pearl Harbor

    Hal decides to celebrate another holiday, Pearl Harbor.

  • Episode 8: Lois Battles Jamie

    It's a showdown between Lois and Jamie as the troublesome toddler pushes Lois to near-breaking point.

  • Episode 7: Hal Sleepwalks

    Tormented by doubts as to what to buy Lois for their 20th anniversary, Hal is unable to rest and spends his nights sleepwalking around the house.

  • Episode 6: Hal's Christmas Gift

    The family has no money and so has to resort to making their own presents for Christmas.

  • Episode 5: Kitty's Back

    Malcolm is coming to terms with his hormones.

  • Episode 1: Reese Comes Home

    Lois heads to Kabul to find her son, but Reese has gone AWOL and is travelling in the opposite direction.

  • Episode 3: Standee

    Hal enlists Reese's help after starting a rubbish dumping war with the bin men.

  • Episode 2: Busey's Run Away

    The Buseys disappear when Dewey leaves his special-needs class. Meanwhile Hal becomes the leader of a group of brainless bodybuilders.