Series 1 - Episode 1

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Marco hits the road in his Battle Truck – a specially designed mobile kitchen where the couples will have to cook and serve their tastiest dish.

The chef and front-of-house teams have just 30 minutes to create their very best meal, present it in style and win a place in the next round. Marco is hard to please, so each couple has to come up with a spectacular dish to get him and the crowd on their side, and to stand any chance of getting through the stages.

The Battle Truck starts its journey in Yorkshire before heading to Covent Garden in London. And if the teams won’t come to him, Marco goes to them, surprising some couples at their own restaurants and making them cook their best dishes on their home turf.

The teams are fighting for a place in the final 12, where they will go head to head in a unique eating environment – the Battle Kitchen. Here, with three restaurants under one roof, the couples will serve 75 diners an amazing three-course meal. Which restaurant partnerships have the passion, the skills, the menu and the drive to impress Marco and the public?

Marco’s search begins where his career started, in Leeds, where he samples the hospitality and haute cuisine of the north. He sets up in the city centre, inviting the very best applicants to get the chance to cook for him in person.

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