Series 1 - Episode 2

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With only five places to fill, the Battle Truck heads off to Liverpool, where a trained opera singer and her Italian fiancé wow Marco with their classic Italian fish dish. Then Marco surprises a couple in their own restaurant, uncovering a hidden gem in Scotland.

The nationwide search concludes in Cardiff, a city in which Marco says he's yet to have an enjoyable meal. Will Wales and the southwest deliver quality food and service worthy of changing his mind?

By the end of this show, Marco will have his final 12 couples to take back to London, where they will compete against each other in the Battle Kitchen. With everything to play for, our Michelin-starred chef won't settle for anything less than perfection.


  • Series 1 - Episode 3

    Marco’s search hots up as the Battle Kitchen opens its doors to the first three semi-finalist couples.

    Available until 23:59 1 Jan 2021


  • Series 1 - Episode 1

    Marco's Battle Truck stops off in Leeds and London as the search begins for the best chef and front-of-house team.

    Available until 23:59 1 Jan 2021

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