Series 1 - Episode 3

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Marco’s search for the couple that he thinks is running the UK’s best restaurant hots up as the Battle Kitchen opens its doors to the first three semi-finalist couples. This specially-designed, super-sized restaurant is a tough challenge – with three kitchens housed under one roof, and each couple charged with the task of cooking for and serving their own set of 25 diners.

The diners are Marco’s eyes, ears and tastebuds, and will pull no punches with their feedback, but ultimately Marco is the judge and will decide which couple has got the culinary flair and superb service towin a place in the Grand Finale.

First to compete in the semi-finals are Olivier and Sheila of Les Saveurs, John and Julia of The Leatherne Bottel, and Rosaria and Maurizio of The Italian Club Fish. Each couple has to design a three-course menu, using one ingredient specified by Marco for the main-course protein. It's no mean feat, especially as they only have enough ingredients to make the exact number of portions for the 25 diners in each restaurant: if they mess up a dish, they won’t be able to replace it.

With only four hours to prepare their menu and one hour and forty-five minutes to serve it, which couple will have the skills, stamina and strategy to make it through to the grand finale?


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