Series 1 - Episode 5

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In this helping, Marco's food selection for the contenders is characteristically challenging - lamb with sweetbreads, red mullet and haunch of venison. With only four hours to prepare and one hour and forty-five minutes for service, each team is going to have to show tremendous skill and incredible stamina to stand a chance of winning a place in the grand finale. Which couple has the teamwork and strategy to impress Marco?

First up is husband-and-wife team Peter and Louise, whose Cotswold restaurant The Old Butchers, has won many awards. They are up against another married couple, Tim and Anna, who own The Roost in Perthshire. Like Peter, Tim is a classically trained chef – will his experience of working in Michelin-starred establishments give them an advantage?

Finally featured are inseparable best friends Steve and James. Together they run Fish Club, a seafood restaurant in south London. However, on the day of the Battle Kitchen, James is rushed to hospital. Will this mean they have to pull out of the competition?


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