Series 1 - Episode 6

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The range of cuisine is diverse and the three couples have had very different journeys to make it as restaurateurs.

The first couple are Angela and Julia, who run The Peak Restaurant in Snowdonia. Angela has cooked for the stars, including Madonna and Nigella Lawson, and is oozing confidence, but will Julia, her front-of-house partner, be able to deliver on the night?

Then, from Sevenoaks come the husband-and-wife team that run Gavin Greggs. Gregg may not have any Michelin stars, but he is self-assured, while wife Lucinda is a natural with the diners.

The third couple are Barrington and Eleanor from Discovery Bay in Huddersfield. Barrington saved up for 20 years for his own place and is keen to impress not just Marco but every diner with his Caribbean fare. But Marco has doubts about young Eleanor – will her lack of experience let them down?

All of their menus are based around three main course ingredients chosen by Marco, tonight being halibut, duck and sirloin steak. But with only four hours to prepare, and one hour and forty-five minutes for service, each couple will have to show tremendous skill to impress Marco and win the last place in the grand finale.



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