Series 1 - Episode 7

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Marco’s search for a couple running the UK’s best restaurant reaches its climax as the Battle Kitchen opens its doors for the Grand Finale. The competition is tougher and bigger than ever, with four couples each serving 28 diners their best menu in just two hours.

The couples competing in the final come from all over the UK. Tim and Anna are the owners of The Roost in Perthshire, Scotland. Timhas plenty of experience working in Michelin-starred establishments and this could give them an advantage. Or will wife Anna, who trained to be a solicitor, prove to be a weak link?

They are up against French chef Olivier and his wife Sheila, whose Exmouth restaurant Les Saveurs specialises in sea food. He too learnt his trade in Michelin-starred eateries, but Sheila only works part-time in the restaurant. However, she did do a stint in the military, and her organisational skills could be vital in the middle of service.

Then there are chef James and fiancée Sarah from The Ebury in London. Both have won awards, and he was head chef at The Ritz. However, the pair have only worked together for eight months – a factor that could prove decisive when teamwork and communication are key.

The final couple are Gavin and Lucinda, the proud owners of Gavin Gregg, an award-winning modern British restaurant in Sevenoaks. This married couple have worked together for over 12 years and are a tight-knit team, something that counts for a lot in the Battle Kitchen.

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