• Episode 8

    Includes a recipe for coconut and sea bass ceviche.

  • Episode 7

    Tommi discovers the secret of cooking with spices.

  • Episode 6

    Tommi gives the prawn cocktail a Mexican makeover, and homemade churros offer a sumptuous sugar rush.

  • Episode 5

    Tommi rustles up the Mexican version of the humble Cornish pasty.

  • Episode 4

    Tommi wrestles with a spicy vegetable soup.

  • Episode 3

    Tommi discovers the wonderful world of Mexican breakfasts.

  • Episode 2

    Tommi gets to grips with Mexican street food.

  • Episode 1

    Includes recipes for a fiery guacamole, a fruity Mexican chile and a tequila-laced raspberry sorbet.