Series 1 - The Shell

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The Shell. The lively kittens Mio and Mao embark on another adventure. What is the two-eyed static object on the sandy beach?

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  • Series 1 - The Tadpole

    The Tadpole. Further antics for the young with Mio and Mao the inquisitive kittens. Who is the black-tailed creature splashing in the pond, and what is it about to transform into?

    Available until 23:59 31 Dec 2020


  • Series 1 - The Hedgehog

    The Hedgehog. Plasticine animation for young viewers. The curious kittens encounter an enigmatic animal with spikes who is collecting apples.

    Available until 23:59 31 Dec 2020

  • Series 1 - The Monkey

    The Monkey. The inquisitive kittens in another animated adventure. What is the identity of the creature eating bananas in the trees?

    Available until 23:59 31 Dec 2020

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