Monkey Life

Set in Dorset's Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre, this heart-warming series follows the day-to-day dramas and personalities of over 240 monkeys, chimps, orangutans and lesser apes living in one of the largest primate sanctuaries in the world. From power struggles and dramas, to friendship bonds and new additions, Monkey Life follows some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, and the team devoted to rescuing and rehabilitating them.

Images © Monkey World


  • Series 5 - Episode 20

    Kiki gets a crash course in chimpanzee politics when she joins Hananya's group.

  • Series 5 - Episode 19

    Oshine has a special visitor from South Africa, and woolly monkey Bueno needs emergency dental treatment.

  • Series 5 - Episode 18

    Paddy has to step in as peacemaker after squabbles break out among his group of chimps.

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