• Episode 52: Up and Down

    Mr Grumpy is annoyed by the people sitting above him at a game of Dillyball. and Mr Noisy tries to sell Miss Scary a vacuum cleaner.

  • Episode 51: Bad Weather

    Mr Stubborn and Mr Bump drive around during high winds.

  • Episode 50: Travel

    The Mr Men travel to a forest in the mountains.

  • Episode 49: Surprises

    Miss Scary and Mr Nervous plan a surprise party.

  • Episode 48: Parks

    Mr Fussy is kite flying with Miss Sunshine and Mr Messy.

  • Episode 47: Sand and Surf

    Mr Fussy's day at the beach is ruined by crabs stealing his stuff.

  • Episode 46: Bath and Bubbles

    Mr Quiet gets the least relaxing bathtime ever.

  • Episode 45: Birds

    Mr Quiet is meditating but gets bothered by birds.

  • Episode 44: Fairies and Gnomes

    Miss Whoops has a go at being the Tooth Fairy, Mr Nervous is frightened by a gnome, and Mr Grumpy wishes his Scary Godmother would go away.

  • Episode 43

    Mr Grumpy wants the wireless turned off on a road trip with Mr Happy, and Mr Rude tries to buy a clock radio from Mr Scatterbrain - with limited success.

  • Episode 42

    Everyone in Dillydale seems intent on interrupting Mr Quiet's relaxing bath.

  • Episode 41: Home Improvements

    Mr Grumpy's new home is fit for a king, Miss Helpful rearranges Mr Bump's furniture, and Mr Rude hires Mr Stubborn to do up his house.

  • Episode 40: Seashore

    Mr Quiet battles birds at the beach, Mr Stubborn gets himself and Miss Chatterbox in deep water, and Miss Scary warns seashell searchers about sea monsters.

  • Episode 39: Robots

    Mr Grumpy's mechanical maid has a mind of its own, and Miss Whoops gives Miss Scary's robot the wrong brain

  • Episode 38: Pirates

    Miss Bossy teaches a pirate class, Miss Scary serves up scares at her pirate-themed restaurant, and alien pirates take over Mr Happy's spaceship.

  • Episode 37: Sand and Surf

    Mr Grumpy sells surfboards at the seashore, Mr Bump and Mr Strong star in a music video, and a crab causes confusion on Mr Quiet's beach trip.

  • Episode 36: Pests

    Mr Fussy hunts down a mouse at Mr Messy's house, there is a fly in Mr Quiet's soup, and Mr Stubborn makes removing a wasp nest difficult for Mr Bump.

  • Episode 35: Dance Dance Dance

    Mr. Grumpy accidentally joins Miss Whoops dance club.

  • Episode 34: Goo

    Mr Strong tries to get gunk out of Mr Grumpy's house, Miss Scary has a gooey plan to take over the world, and Miss Naughty builds a fountain for Mr Fussy.

  • Episode 33: Trees

    Mr Bump takes Miss Scary with him to the Rainforest.

  • Episode 32: Post Office

    Mr Tickle distracts Mr Bump from sorting letters.

  • Episode 31: Pets

    Mr Strong's new pet is a house-breaker.

  • Episode 30: Clocks

    Mr Grumpy gets a new alarm clock from Miss Helpful.

  • Episode 29: Skyscraper

    Mr Bump has some problems washing windows with Mr Strong.

  • Episode 28: Cinema

    Mr Grumpy gets stuck next to Miss Chatterbox at the movies.

  • Episode 27: Getting Around

    Mr Nervous takes a terrifying taxi ride.

  • Episode 26: Supermarket

    Mr Bump tours a supermarket while Miss Naughty puts surprises in cereal boxes.

  • Episode 25: Radio

    Mr Grumpy wants the wireless turned off during a road trip with Mr Happy.

  • Episode 24: Fruit

    Mr Rude delivers fruit baskets. Mr Quiet takes a ride on Miss Daredevil's juiced-up jet.

  • Episode 23: Sneezes And Hiccups

    Mr Stubborn won't admit he has a cold. Miss Magic tries to cure Miss Daredevil's hiccups.

  • Episode 22: Seashore

    The Mr Men head to the beach for all sorts of frolics!

  • Episode 21: Washing And Drying

    Mr Fussy is forced to do his washing in Mr Messy's basement.

  • Episode 20: Telephone

    Mr Rude talks loudly on his mobile during Mr Fussy's concert.

  • Episode 19: Gifts

    Messrs Fussy and Messy find themselves in a spot of bother.

  • Episode 18: Dining Out

    Mr Fussy has trouble keeping down his food at Miss Magic's cafe.

  • Episode 17: Sun And Moon

    Mr Grumpy is upset when he is awoken by Mr Scatterbrain's late night gardening.

  • Episode 16: Eyeglasses

    All about eyeglasses. Miss Whoops loses hers on an aeroplane. And Mr Happy needs a pair.

  • Episode 15: Garages

    Mr Grumpy has an automatic door opener installed in his garage.

  • Episode 14: Game Shows

    Mr Grumpy, Mr Rude and Miss Chatterbox compete on a game show.

  • Episode 13: Parties

    Mr Nervous delivers pizza to a fancy-dress party.

  • Episode 12: Shoes

    In the anarchic animated sketch show, Mr Bump visits Mr Small's shop.

  • Episode 11: Robots

    Mr Grumpy's mechanical maid starts to behave in unpredictable ways.

  • Episode 10: Hats

    Mr Fussy visits Miss Magic's shop in search of the perfect headgear.

  • Episode 9: Reptiles

    Mr Bump finds Mr Stubborn's swamp tour more than a little testing.

  • Episode 8: Picnics

    Mr Stubborn and Mr Fussy visit the beach despite the stormy weather.

  • Episode 7: Clean Teeth

    While Mr Rude buys a new toothbrush, Mr Grumpy finds his house overrun.

  • Episode 6: Toys

    Miss Whoops's new playthings prove to be something of a challenge for Mr Bump.

  • Episode 5: Up And Down

    Mr Grumpy gets annoyed by people sitting above him at a game of Dillyball.

  • Episode 2: Driving

    Mr Happy attempts to give Miss Whoops a driving lesson.

  • Episode 1: Airports

    Mr Stubborn tries to find the perfect parking space at the airport, while poor Mr Bump keeps on getting trampled by busy travellers.

  • Episode 4: Outer Space

    Mr Bump dodges asteroids as he fixes a satellite.

  • Episode 3: Arts And Crafts

    Mr Fussy invites Mr Messy and Mr Strong to his art club, while Miss Sunshine helps Miss Scary create a crafty creature.