Series 2 - Episode 42

Mr Men

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Everyone in Dillydale seems intent on interrupting Mr Quiet's relaxing bath.

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  • Series 2 - Episode 43

    Mr Grumpy wants the wireless turned off on a road trip with Mr Happy, and Mr Rude tries to buy a clock radio from Mr Scatterbrain - with limited success.


  • Series 2 - Episode 41: Home Improvements

    Mr Grumpy's new home is fit for a king, Miss Helpful rearranges Mr Bump's furniture, and Mr Rude hires Mr Stubborn to do up his house.

  • Series 2 - Episode 40: Seashore

    Mr Quiet battles birds at the beach, Mr Stubborn gets himself and Miss Chatterbox in deep water, and Miss Scary warns seashell searchers about sea monsters.

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