Murder Mysteries, Saturdays on Channel 5

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A day of top detective dramas, back to back: where will you watch Murder Mysteries? Tune in for episodes of Columbo, Diagnosis Murder and Mr & Mrs Murder, Saturday afternoons on Channel 5.

Comments (9)

  • byrd5d

    14 days ago


    columbo certainly made of the right stuff

  • jane

    1 month ago


    i love watching of my favorite shows. thank you for broadcasting :)

  • Crops

    2 months ago


    NCIS is boring, Mr and Mrs Murder is entertaining, why are you not showing it? :@(

  • M&M M

    2 months ago

    M&M M

    TUT TUT TUT channel 5 so when is Mr and Mrs Murder back? its polite to reply and let us know that you have taken time look at these comments

  • NicolaStannard

    3 months ago


    Please bring back the rest of Mr. & Mrs. Murder-only 3 episodes shown then nothing? It's a good, off-beat show.

  • MartinGray

    3 months ago


    Yeah, come on Channel 5, two Columbo repeats, two NCIS repeats and an NCIS 'movie' ie two repeats stuck together? I was loving Mr and Mrs Murder, it's a lovely, light show - and new! At least tell us why it's gone.

  • Margaret

    3 months ago


    I too saw the first 2 episodes then nothing. Still being advertised on TV so Why no response from Channel 5? It's an amusing little show from Aus along the lines of our own Rosemary and Time but with 2 cleaners instead of gardeners.

  • Aj

    3 months ago


    I want it back aswell.

  • tarnja

    3 months ago


    Mr & Mrs Murder diappeared from the program schedule. Will it return or no longer showing? What about on the catch up demand service?