Mummy's Little Murderer

Mummy's Little Murderer

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On 7th May 2011, 20-year-old ex-public schoolboy Elliot Turner strangled his girlfriend Emily Longley, then persuaded his doting parents to help him cover up the murder. With unprecedented television access to those closely connected to the case, this documentary reveals through emotional interviews, personal archives, covert recordings and CCTV how a spoilt rich kid became a brutal murderer.

Elliot Turner met Emily Longley, a pretty 17-year old student from New Zealand, when she moved to Bournemouth to continue her studies. They had only been in a relationship for four months when she was murdered.

Dorset Police were convinced that Elliot was guilty, but when the post-mortem came back inconclusive, investigators were forced to take a highly unusual step. They bugged the Turners' family home to establish the truth.

During the subsequent high-profile murder trial, these 23 separate recordings formed a significant part of the prosecution's case. Elliot had a history of obsession with women and began to believe that Emily was seeing someone else behind his back, jurors heard. Sentencing him, Mrs Justice Dobbs said that he had bullied, harassed, threatened and assaulted Emily to control her as his trophy girlfriend. Turner's parents, Leigh and Anita, were later jailed for 27 months for perverting the course of justice.

Family, friends, police and prosecutors contribute to this revealing film, which also features astonishing covert police recordings, shocking surveillance footage and amazing personal archive material. The programme provides a comprehensive insight into Elliot and his parents, the events surrounding the murder, the police investigation and the trial.