Series 2 - Fatima Whitbread - Growing Up In Care

Fatima Whitbread

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Fatima Whitbread MBE, Olympic gold medallist, BBC Sports Personality of the 1987 had a tough start in life. Abandoned by her mother shortly after her birth and it was only when a neighbour heard her crying a few days later that the police were called. She then spent the next four months of her life in hospital recovering from malnutrition. She was placed in a care home and spent the best part of the next decade not knowing anything about her parents.

During her teenage years at school Fatima gained a reputation as a troublemaker. However, by the age of 14 Fatima had developed a growing love of sport. After her javelin coach Margaret Whitbread realised she was spending a lot of time with the Whitbread family, she offered to take Fatima in and ultimately saved her. Margaret,who Fatima now refers to as 'mum', adopted her. Fatima went on to achieve the record-breaking successes she is now famous for.

On an emotional journey, Fatima returns to the Hackney flat where her life started to see if she can confront her memories and gain new strength from putting them behind her. Fatima also meets young people in the care system and finds out how things have changed for the better and what is being done to support them.



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