Series 1 - Jodie Marsh Bullied: My Secret Past

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Glamour model, reality TV star and body builder Jodie Marsh tells the full story of what effect bullying had on her and how it has made her the person she is today.

Jodie faces up to some uncomfortable memories from her time at school. It is an emotional journey that sees her exploring beyond the boundaries of her native Brentwood to uncover the true extent of bullying and its impact on its victims. When Jodie was at primary school her nose was broken during a hockey match. At secondary school her crooked nose was crooked became the subject of bullies’ taunts. Constant verbal abuse led Jodie to contemplate suicide and caused her parents to offer her a nose job when she was 15. It made no difference and the bullying continued until her parents removed her from school.

With her own personal experience in mind, Jodie connects with some of today’s young victims of bullying. How does it affect them and what support do they receive? How do schools deal with bullying now compared to when Jodie was at school? Is their approach effective? Jodie knows that bullying experienced at school can affect people for the rest of their lives, and she wants to help others recover from the psychological damage more quickly than she did.



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