Series 1 - Kate Thornton - Anorexic: My Secret Past

Kate Thornton - Anorexic: My Secret Past

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Presenter and journalist Kate Thornton looks back on the time she suffered from anorexia, a condition that still affects a growing number of teenagers today.

When Kate was 11, she developed anorexia and suffered with it until she was 15. For 25 years, she has been running away from it, but with her 40th birthday just a year away, she has decided it is time she finally came to terms with it.

Kate faces up to some uncomfortable memories from her past, talking to her brother and closest friends to find out what they remember of her lies, her vomiting and her skeletal figure. She is shocked by what she finds out and horrified at the pain she caused her family.

Kate also consults experts to find out the latest information and facts on anorexia. With the emphasis on looking good and even greater peer pressure today, anorexia amongst teens is on the increase, and Kate hopes that her experiences can help other sufferers. Also keen to discover how young people today deal with their eating disorders, she visits homes and clinics and takes a special interest in 18-year-old Megan, a girl just in recovery. Can Kate help Megan over the last hurdles? And what can Megan teach Kate about dealing with anorexia?

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