Mysteries of The Bermuda Triangle

Mysteries of The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle

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Following scientists on an expedition into the depths of the Bermuda Triangle, where a number of aircraft and surface vessels are reported to have mysteriously disappeared.

The film investigates stories of strange events including the unsolved disappearance of James Trindade and his sports fishing boat in 2008, the tragic disappearance of 'The What's Left' cruiser and two 'ghost rockets' that flew silently over a US Navy ship. Also featured is the Coast Guard ship that reported a 'phantom' landmass on its radar and Russian submarines that reported all manner of bizarre activity.

Leading experts including Professor David Pares, Russian 'electronic fog' expert Oleg Meshcheryakov, underwater explorers Evan Kovacs and Les Savege, and weather expert Dr Stephen Leatherman give their opinions and verdict on this enduring enigma.