Mystery Woman

Mystery Woman

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The owner of a crime bookshop uses her sleuthing skills along with the mystery novels around her to uncover the truth about an apparent suicide at a party.

Comments (12)

  • Weasel

    4 months ago


    Why does it never freeze on the adverts?

  • Angel

    7 months ago


    Keeps freezing as do most programes on Channel 5

  • Deedle

    10 months ago


    why does it keep freezing... most annoyinh

  • Billie

    12 months ago


    a bit weard but good

  • asdfhjkl

    over 1 year ago


    this is a very good episode, no freezing. I LOVE ELIOTS POSH ACCENT. I'TS CUTE BUT, ANNOYING no wonder she divorced him. lol :)

  • Leeza

    almost 2 years ago


    Seems to be a glitch with Demand 5 prgs - freezing at last adverts - if I enlarge/ reduce screens it will fix it. Getting v annoying tho!

  • cazzi

    2 years ago


    it was okay think were all due a few new films dont you /? ive watched most of them on here only a few left to view ..:)

  • Chris

    2 years ago


    I love this series, this and the other episode I saw. I want more episodes of Mystery Woman (and McBride). I could do with working and living with such nice characters as them two and their good colleagues. Alas, society seems to be far too dominated by lesser characters, and it seems much lonelier and and more stressful than fiction. What am I to do?

  • sonia

    2 years ago


    this was the first movie then came the series

  • Mary

    2 years ago


    This was the first ever Mystery Writer movie.

  • Manxie

    2 years ago


    I give up - seems to be filling n the gaps, but then not so sure.....

  • Annhowescan

    2 years ago


    Now I'm totally confused!! - this is a prequel to all the films I've seen in this series - but was it made before them or after??? is it new and filling in gaps? and odd to see Cassie and Philby played by other actors - good story nevertheless!!