Season 8 - Episode 21: Dead Reflection


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Thu 19:00 18 Feb

The team head to the Pentagon, where the body of Junior Navy Lieutenant Lauren Ross has been found in a cupboard. Gibbs questions the victim's superior, Captain Jack Painter, who says that Lauren had taken some days off the previous week to visit the doctor and that she had come in over the weekend to make the time up. But when footage from a security camera reveals Petty Officer Eric Donner breaking Lauren's neck from behind before dragging her body into a cupboard, the search for him begins.

Gibbs and McGee talk to Lauren’s room-mate. She tells them Lauren had been having an affair with a married man, but is certain it wasn't Donner. Ducky discovers that Lauren was pregnant when she was killed.

Elsewhere Ziva and DiNozzo question Donner's wife and stake out her house. While on surveillance they spot her receiving a nocturnal visitor, Commander Nelson Tunney, who had been Eric’s CO in his special forces days.

State police then find Donner's body. But his time of death was before Lauren's...



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