Season 7 - Episode 14: Masquerade

Episode 14: Masquerade

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The NCIS team races against time to thwart a terrorist plot to unleash a dirty bomb on DC. However, matters are complicated when Gibbs’s nemesis Margaret Allison Hart resurfaces to defend one of the prime suspects.

The team is first on the scene when marine Roman Vega is killed after his car explodes during a high speed police chase. The source of the explosion seems to be the trunk of the vehicle, but Ziva concludes that the lack of detonator indicates that it was an accident. However, when McGee notices that he has no signal on his mobile phone, he begins to suspect that the bomb was radioactive – and a scan with a Geiger counter confirms his theory. After they have had a spell in a mobile decontamination unit, Abby arrives and informs her relieved colleagues that they were only exposed to a low dose of radiation.

However, Roman’s vehicle was used to transport cobalt-60, which is a by-product of nuclear reactions and often used to make dirty bombs. “If it could be used to make a dirty bomb, the important question is, where is it now?” Ziva asks. As the team sets off to learn more about Roman’s possible terrorist connections, a man named Walter Kane arrives at NCIS HQ. Kane runs a private intelligence firm that works for the Pentagon, and he is sure that Roman was working for a Peruvian terrorist cell known as Libertad Neuva. Meanwhile, Roman’s brother Alfonso is brought in for questioning after he is found hiding out in a hotel. However, Gibbs is astonished to find that his lawyer is none other than M Allison Hart.

Back at HQ, Hart reacts with customary spikiness when Gibbs attempts to question her client.
However, Alfonso is keen to know more about his brother’s fate, which leads him to clash with his attorney. “I want answers too,” he snaps. It quickly becomes apparent that Roman was hiding a dark secret. “I don’t know what Roman was mixed up in,” Alfonso claims. “But whatever it was, it had him really freaked out.” He provides Gibbs with the address of a Virginia warehouse, which he knows his brother visited frequently. Inside, the team finds a factory equipped with all the components to make a dirty bomb – and a video recording of Roman threatening to unleash it on the city.

Gibbs and his team are relieved that Roman is no longer alive to carry out his threat, but this turns
to panic when Ducky appears with some devastating news. An autopsy has revealed that the dead man is not Roman Vega but an ex-army man named John Cook. “The corporal is alive,” Ducky announces, grimly. “He can give whatever orders he wishes, whenever he wishes.” Can the team find Roman and stop his organisation in its tracks, or will Hart continue to stand in the way?



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Comments (45)

  • Colin

    over 1 year ago


    When does the new series start on 5, its usually early in the year isn't it?

  • Paloma

    over 2 years ago


    when is NCIS going to be available on demand again?

  • Annaliz

    over 2 years ago


    on demand? I think not!!! what's the point of online access if you can't see it?

  • superstu

    over 2 years ago


    whats the point teasing u

  • fantasysiren

    almost 3 years ago


    cant watch any episodes even though they have been aired!!

  • Fitness76

    3 years ago


    The whole of season 7 is brill, but cant wait for the next episode of season 8.

  • Jean

    3 years ago


    I'm on wireless but have not had a problem the last two viewings of NCIS with frezing or buffering, and no adverts, only a break of 16 seconds with Scoda advert. I changed from BT to a different IP address, perhaps that helped. Miffed they no longer have the repeat on Friday evening though.

  • wildbill

    3 years ago


    dont go wireless hard wire is better for quality i never have problems with demand 5

  • madmollz101

    3 years ago


    Alex, well if your parents are paying for your TV then you should be grateful for what you have. You are right the adverts on here don't pay for channel five; they pay for the website and everything needed to run the website. Although I agree the service and performance need to improve, I think they do a decent job with what the have, otherwise why are you on the site to complain about it if you think it is so terrible? Think about that before you complain next time.

  • madmollz101

    3 years ago


    Alex, well if your parents are paying for your TV then you should be grateful for what you have. You are right the adverts on here don't pay for channel five; they pay for the website and everything needed to run the website. Although I agree the service and performance need to improve, I think they do a decent job with what the have, otherwise why are you on the site to complain about it if you think it is so terrible? Think about that before you complain next time.

  • jo

    3 years ago


    anoyed that it has turned unavailable 3 quaters of the way through. during the beginning it kept freezing.

  • Matt

    3 years ago


    Great now the 1:30 of adverts is back again! I've got that damn soldier going BEEP-BEEPBEEPPPPPPP!!!!!!!! Again. Dammit! I onloy had Skoda advert last episode.

  • YaS.s

    3 years ago


    channel 5 always works for me :) im really glad this service has been set up and of course ncis is the best. the adverts give me a chance to check social networking sites while online so i dont have a problem with it. thank you 5 :)

  • Barry.Daish

    3 years ago


    Great programme, yet again well put together. Gibbs starting to look to cool now, love interest is going to kill it. Looking forward to the next episode, enjoy....just love Channel five and it works fine for me !

  • Alex

    3 years ago


    madmollz101-nope i dont my parents do however what you said is true. but i still think they need to improve their service here and however these adverts on demand 5 are not paying for channel 5 because it is just a recording so they can easily just cut them out but it gives me a quick break to check emails.

  • Goodie11shoes

    3 years ago


    Keeps freezing but not too annoying enjoyed the show, don't understand other peoples problems at not getting on to see the show, think it's a great service keep up the good work

  • madmollz101

    3 years ago


    Alex you are mistaken, BBC i-player may seem to be free but you by a TV license don't you? The reason there are no adverts and better quality on BBC i-player is because they are the ones who charge you for a TV license therefore giving them money to improve their site without needing the money from adverts. On the other hand, the adverts are what pays for channel 5.

  • Duvetbabe

    3 years ago


    gibbs and the lawyer are defo going 2 get it on !!!!! bout time all that sexual tension ......... luv this show :o)

  • Fed-up

    3 years ago


    @ Claire. For those of us that do shift work, this site could be a god send. But it isn't. Problems with registering, site not accepting sensible usernames, problems with the content working. Shows that haven't been available to view for months still on the play list. Admin/Ch 5 don't reply to it any wonder that people are leaving derogatory comments. It is because this is the only place I can view programmes that interest me that I have anything to do with. The old site was crap, but it was 10times better than this

  • darkmagician

    3 years ago


    Had problem with transmission first time I tried playing it. Came back tonight and gave it another go, it works fine :)

  • Alex

    3 years ago


    @ Claire-I completely disagree because the channel is free on tv anyway and for those who have hd or a decent tv can watch it in decent quality however bbc iplayer is beter because it is free, fast and does not have the fricking ads. Anyway people who are complaining are just people trying to get their point across to the 5 people that this site is slow, bad quality and needs to be improved.

  • Phony DeHootero

    3 years ago

    Phony DeHootero

    Never have a prob viewing this. This season keeps delivering, nice one NCIS! I knew that would happen!

  • John

    3 years ago


    I don't have many problems so iam glade that i can see NCIS on my laptop as can't allways see on the tv due to work , glade for Channal 5 .

  • Mrs. Trudy Smith

    3 years ago

    Mrs. Trudy Smith

    Trudy. As always a brilliant episode and no problems viewing for me!.

  • Stanley280355

    3 years ago


    Keeps freezing, very annoying.

  • jas

    3 years ago


    it works fine for me, i hope it works for the rest

  • Claire

    3 years ago


    People need to stop complaining. You aren't paying for this service. Either watch it on tv or watch withing a week. It's not hard people.

  • jim

    3 years ago


    seems to be some sort of buffering problem when played in full screen. leave it non full screen and it seems to play ok

  • Helen

    3 years ago


  • vikki

    3 years ago


    i cant seem to be able to either get into a programme or watch it al it keeps freezing or the picture will freeze and its still running why does it do cant even watch all the programmes thats on tv....pls can demand 5 sort these problems out...

  • hazza

    3 years ago


    oh no that just ruins it that, the lawyer and gibbs get together

  • Jed

    3 years ago


    @Mark P because the world hates people who are just trying to have a relaxing evening. Not to mention that Demand 5 is possibly the worst controlled internet based product in the history of the net

  • Fra

    3 years ago


    keeps freezing every couple of minutes and having to start again. very frustrating!

  • Mark P

    3 years ago

    Mark P

    Why do these demand channels always force you to watch the bl00dy adverts before telling you the programme is not available.

  • Da

    3 years ago


    I've watched the same 2 adverts for the 6th time now and still the programme will not play.

  • George Green

    3 years ago

    George Green

    Not impressed with the latest episode becoming unavailable while I'm half way through watching it! :(

  • Ben

    3 years ago



  • Phil

    3 years ago


    Read the instructions, read the FAQ;s, move on and get over it. A truly great series, and I for one am grateful that it's shown a bit later on demand, so I can watch it undisturbed.

  • nick

    3 years ago


    i think it is all wrong becuase you can not see the best tv in on hd and on your laptops and i can not see ncsi as well but if you go too bbc hd then of course you can see it all and i think that stinks in my book and if i ran all the tv then every one could watch anthink and every think on the laptop on hd and on the your phone as well for NOTHINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • lucca

    3 years ago


    how long do you have to wait to watch it on demand

  • Donna

    3 years ago


    Also if you miss an episode and don't get chance to watch it before the next episode it won't let you watch it.

  • ian

    3 years ago


    cant get in to view

  • SH

    3 years ago


    It wont let you watch it yet as it has not yet been shown on Channel 5 - only available once aired on TV

  • John3-16

    3 years ago


    Can't get any of the episodes. What's the point of Demand 5?

  • lb

    3 years ago


    it wont let me on it grrrrr