Season 8 - Episode 24: Pyramid


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Fri 20:00 19 Feb

The team are hot on the heels of the Port-to-Port killer, Lieutenant Jonas Cobb, but events conspire to put the entire team in danger.

Getting closer to their target, they come across the body of Special Agent Levin, followed by the wounded Agent Cade. Gibbs follows the scent to the car park where he finds EJ Barrett in a car, entombed in plastic but still breathing. Cobb has scratched a telephone number on the side of the car, which Ziva recognises as belonging to her boyfriend Ray.

Vance processes as much information as he can about Operation Frankenstein, the CIA initiative that tried to turn Cobb into a prototype state sponsored assassin. It seems that Cobb now wants to take down all of those who played any part in the project.

Barrett takes a moment to pay her respects to Levin in the morgue. But she has a hidden agenda...

Is Ray at risk? Will the team capture Cobb? And will Tony move on with EJ, or is his heart still with NCIS?



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