Season 7 - Episode 4: Good Cop, Bad Cop

Episode 4: Good Cop, Bad Cop

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Sat 19:30 26 Apr

Director Vance assesses ZIva's application to return to NCIS, only to uncover a startling coincidence.



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Comments (24)

  • Janice

    almost 3 years ago


    What ON EARTH is the point of listing these episodes if we are not allowed to watch them. Is this just some scam to try to get us to buy the Series???

  • big d

    3 years ago

    big d

    agree with lbf and others why put them up for veiw and then say not avalable if not for veiw dont put them up

  • mary

    3 years ago


    why can i not get past episode?

  • Q

    3 years ago


    Can't understand why they don't sack Denozo. His childish behavior has twice endangered his team, once his director and then got her killed.

  • teedleybee

    3 years ago


    Abby Is amazing <3 i love her, shes my idol :)

  • Akela_Kamba

    3 years ago


    NCIS great, the same repetitive adverts in-between bad! Why has FIVE started to do this? At the beginning and end I can understand but in the middle?! It's more disruptive than when watching off air.

  • martina360624

    3 years ago


    perfekt i love it my favorite xxx

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  • Paul

    3 years ago


    Welcome back Ziva. NCIS would never be the same without her.

  • meee

    3 years ago


    ziva's back :D

  • Kate

    3 years ago


    I just loved, loved last night's episode and I love all the team, particularly Ziva and Gibbs/Tony. Wish I knew a what Gibbs said as well!

  • Mr Yaz

    3 years ago

    Mr Yaz

    now what did Gibbs whisper i wonder?

  • XcharlotteXROSE

    3 years ago


    cant wait for the next NCIS :D the teams back :) abby is the best theres no NCIS without abby x

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  • saz4

    3 years ago


    Another brilliant episode. Cant wait till next week Love Magee and Abby cool pair

  • charpot32

    3 years ago


    Logged on at 10.30 to watch with no probs.Thoroughly Njoyd - can't wait till nxt ep!

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  • crazy girl

    3 years ago

    crazy girl

    ive been waiting 4 ages to watch this :d nearly time for my NCIS fav show xx abby rules

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  • K Robson

    3 years ago

    K Robson

    Channel 5 doesn't seem to be broadcasting season 7 with audio description (AD). My elderly mam is partially sighted and can no longer follow the plot without this. Why has AD been withdrawn for season 7?

  • LC

    3 years ago


    Couldn't agree more. Wish UK press would see it too. Why are there not more interviews/articles (press/tv) about this show. I was hopping that would change after the owner of my morning paper brought 5. No such luck. Still going on about shows like Glee calling it the biggest show in the world. Hello!! Check the ratings NCIS gets nearly twice as many viewers as Glee in the US where they are on at the same time. In fact recently NCIS had more viewers than 4 of the other US channels combined for that time slot and is the #1 US drama. Come on UK press pull your finger out.

  • Loz

    3 years ago


    looking forward to the next episode, they have all been realy good so far!