Season 10 - Episode 5: Lost at Sea

Episode 5: Lost at Sea

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The team try to dredge up the truth after a helicopter carrying four marines crashes in the sea. The pilot is missing and presumed dead, but then his body washes up with a bullet in his head...

A severely dehydrated marine turns up in a shop near the sea front, explaining the theft of a bottle of water by telling the owners that he was on a helicopter that crashed into the sea three days ago. The NCIS team are brought in to investigate and discover that all the passengers in the helicopter survived the crash, but that Happ the pilot is still missing. One survivor tells them that the chopper was hit by another aircraft.

When the NCIS team examine the recorded flight data, things do not add up. The last known position of the aircraft was logged quite a distance from where the debris was found. Another survivor tells Gibbs that there was no other aircraft involved – the only thing that the chopper hit was the water.

When Di Nozzo, McGee and Special Agent Borin head to the beach to search for more evidence, they meet a beachcomber, who claims that this is his bounty and pulls a knife to reinforce his point. The knife is no match for Borin's gun, however, and the scavenger, Shamus Quinn, gives way. DiNozzo and McGee, meanwhile, go on ahead and find the Happ's corpse with a bullet in his head – a bullet with a similar calibre to a gun owned by one of the crash survivors. However, she claims that Happ tried to kill them all by purposely crashing.

Investigations reveal that Happ's young son had recently been diagnosed with a terminal disease. Could this have pushed the pilot over the edge? Or did the crash have something to do with an offshore bank account, which three of the survivors had recently applied to set up with the man who was supposed to be the real pilot for the night in question.



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