Season 2 - Episode 21: Hometown Hero


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The police find a dead girl's body and all fingers point to a young Marine.



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  • Glenda priest

    almost 3 years ago

    Glenda priest

    SOOO frustrating -it's not Channel 5 on demand at all, whenever I want to catch up on a programme I cannot watch live because Channel 5 has such rotten's "unavailable".Why not explain exactly what days it would be "available" on and save millions of frustrated would-be watchers lots of angst???

  • Sue

    3 years ago


    why list these episodes on FIVE.TV if they are not available? Your advertising is misleading and false. this is a con.

  • keith

    3 years ago


    keith I so love ncis and have missed so many please let us catch up.

  • Colin

    3 years ago


    Why are they on show when they`re not available ???????

  • Aaron f

    over 3 years ago

    Aaron f

    if these episodes are not availiable long after the dates of broadcast why put them online and say sorry,this is not availiable on demand five if your gonna put them up channel five let them be watched. The dates are airing dates so after these dates they should be availiable to watch online so why arnt they demand five.

  • lynne taylor

    over 3 years ago

    lynne taylor

    if these are not available why are they here?