Season 8 - Episode 19: Tell-All

Episode 19: Tell-All

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Wed 19:00 17 Feb

When a corporal is killed by a prototype weapon, the team search for an ex-services author who was about to publish a very revealing piece of work.

The murder of Corporal Patrick Casey, is found riddled with bullets. Bizarrely, while his body is peppered with holes, there are no exit wounds – the bullets have disintegrated on impact. Near his body is a rock on which Casey has written the word 'birdsong' using his own blood.

Gibbs investigates Casey's highly confidential work for the Defence Intelligence Agency. The DIA's Admiral Hindley explains it could take some time for the powers-that-be to release details of any projects Casey has been working on. He also has no knowledge of an Operation Birdsong.

As McGee finds his way into the DIA's computer servers he discovers they recently received a manuscript which might contain sensitive information, the title of which is 'Operation Birdsong'. Tracing the manuscript to a publishing company, the manuscript turns out to be a memoir written by an anonymous agent revealing corruption, intrigue and weapon sales. And all hard copies of the script and digital files have been removed by Hindley and his team.

However, two advance copies of the book were sent out – one to Casey...

What details are the DIA worried might be revealed? And would they kill one of their own to keep the secrets under wraps?



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