Georgia Brooks

Optimistic bordering on naive, bubbly Georgia always looks for the best in every situation and every person.

Georgia Brooks

Played by Saskia Hampele

First appearance: 2013
Relationship status: In a relationship with Kyle Canning
Address: No 30
Occupation: Nurse


Carefree and enthusiastic, Georgia's positivity is infectious and people enjoy being around her, even when they’re not always in the mood for her brightness.

Georgia’s nurturing nature can allow others to take advantage of her, but when she encounters adversity she neither fires up nor crumbles – she looks to make the situation better for everyone.

A nurse by profession, Georgia came to Erinsborough for a placement at Erinsborough Hospital. Despite her love for her country life, she’s embraced the move – not least because it's given her a chance to reconnect with cousin Toadie.

Comments (7)

  • charlie

    20 days ago


    this is one stunning beautiful lady i would love to meet her. could watch this show all day love it.

  • GeraldineHelme

    5 months ago


    Yes it does annoy me too and that cousin of hers the other dizzy blonde

  • GeraldineHelme

    5 months ago


    Rubbish Actress just proves that looks can be deceiving

  • othniel

    7 months ago


    The lovely Georgia a cousin of Toadie? He seems to have lots of cousins. Glad she hasn't got a"fish name"!

  • Hannah

    10 months ago


    I love Georgia! She is such a sweetie:)

  • Catherine

    11 months ago


    Does her voice annoy anyone else?

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