Karl Kennedy

Local doctor and father figure, Karl is well-known and respected amongst his Neighbours.

Karl Kennedy

Played by Alan Fletcher

First appearance: 1994
Relationship status: Married to Susan Kennedy
Address: No 28
Occupation: Doctor


These days he may be trusted as the friendly neighbourhood doctor, but Karl's life hasn't been free of controversy. In 1994 he hit Ramsay Street fleeing accusations of his involvement in the death of a patient, and later had a second career crisis when he blamed himself for the death of neighbour Cheryl Stark and temporarily quit medicine.

But those days are long forgotten, and Karl is now a much-respected member of the community, having become a trusted confidante of Toadie and (after a brief diversion into various careers, including selling medical supplies) a doctor again.

And, ladies, beware! Although Karl's currently happily married to Susan (for the second time), his smooth bedside manner has been known to lead him astray...