Lauren Turner

After two decades away from Erinsborough, Lauren hopes to reconnect with dad Lou and give her young family the stability they crave.

Lauren Turner

Played by Kate Kendall

First appearance: 1993-4 (played by Sarah Vandenbergh), 2013 (played by Kate Kendall)
Relationship status: Married to Matt Turner
Address: No 32
Occupation: Waitress


Lauren’s family life in Mt Isa was turned upside down when her eldest son Mason was sent to juvie for a local robbery. Fiercely protective, she felt helpless knowing she couldn’t do anything to help him. With her family spinning out of control, Kate hasn’t quite worked out how to get life back on track, but she’s trying.

In Lauren's mind, the move to Erinsborough is just what the Turners needed. Furthermore, it's given her the chance to reconnect with her dad Lou. They share a warm relationship, but deep down, Lauren has always felt a little guilty that she has spent more of her adult life with her mum than her dad.