Paul Robinson

The eldest son of the Robinson dynasty, Paul has a mind for business and eye for the ladies.

Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson in Neighbours

Played by Stefan Dennis

First appearance: 1985
Relationship status: Single
Address: No 22
Occupation: Owner of the Erinsborough News and Lassiter's; co-owner of Charlie's


The eldest son of the Robinson dynasty, Paul shocked his family when he dropped out of university to become and airline steward.  After a whirlwind romance, he married for the first time - only to discover his dearly beloved was responsible for the murder of her first hubby!

It's little wonder the whole experience left him with a bad taste in his mouth, not to mention the cynical outlook that made him the perfect candidate to take over from his ruthless Aunt Rosemary the running of the Daniels Corporation.

Famed for his dodgy work ethic, Paul has lived through a fraud conviction, a stint in prison (subsequently returning to burn Lassiter's to the ground), and a deal with developers to destroy Ramsay Street, only to later have a change of heart. But for that he paid a high price: after being targeted by henchmen, he took a tumble from a cliff face and suffered such serious injuries that he had to have a leg amputated.

His run of bad luck far from over, Paul was later diagnosed with a brain tumour and, after the operation to remove it, lost his memory. However, his new good guy persona didn't last for long and he went back to his manipulative best as one of Neighbours' greatest villains.

As a high-flying businessman, Paul has developed a penchant for sleeping with his assistants, and has loved and cheated his way through marriages to Gail Lewis, Christina Alessi, Lyn Scully and Rebecca Napier - the latter of whom got the ultimate payback on the lothario when she pushed him off the Lassiter's balcony, sparking the 'Who pushed PR?' inquiry.