Sonya Mitchell

A guide dog trainer trying to escape her shady past, Sonya is trying to reconnect with son Callum.

Eve Morey as Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours

Played by Eve Morey

First appearance: 2009
Relationship status: Engaged to Toadie Rebecchi
Address: No 30
Occupation: Guide dog trainer


An animal lover all her life, Sonya has relished her role as a trainer for Guide Dogs Victoria, not least for the opportunities it opened up on Ramsay Street – including finding love with local lawman Toadie.

But just when life couldn’t be better, Sonya was crushed when the Toad later chose Steph Scully over her, committing to a sham marriage as part of a plan to cover up the paternity of his mate's unborn child.

Licking her wounds, Sonya kept a low profile in a bid to let time mend her broken heart, but after Steph and Toadie's controversial plot unravelled, she soon found her way back into her ex's arms. Little did he realise that Sonya was hiding a secret of her own...

Comments (26)

  • Mr P

    1 month ago

    Mr P

    I love Sonya!

  • Deborah Lilley

    1 month ago

    Deborah Lilley

    I would love to know where to get the clothes that Sonya wears on the show.

  • jon

    4 months ago


    im in love with Sonja ever since she joined

  • Giacomo Casanova

    5 months ago

    Giacomo Casanova

    Join Twitter Eve Morey like Ashleigh Brewer! As it doea not matter how many are watching but whom! As boring is good & easy is good. Unbelievable Ursula Callum!

  • Charlotte

    5 months ago


    I hope you & 'toadie' never ever leave! You two make the show along with 'Susan & Karl' as long as you are all happy then I will carrying on watching the show like I have been since birth!! :D xx

  • Andrea

    9 months ago


    HELP! Where can I buy her clothes she wears on the show? I LOVE them.....

  • Jessica Ching

    12 months ago

    Jessica Ching

    Sonya and Toadie are my favorite characters in the soap, i love their story lines and i'm so pleased that toadie finally gets married and nothing happens to his wife! Only question i would love to ask is where do you get the clothing for Eve's Character as i love her style?????

  • pixelstorm25269

    1 year ago


    what happened with baby nell, happened with my neice sophie, she swallowed some of the moncom when she was born, basically she was dead for 10 minutes, now she's just celebrated her first birthday on the 14th of april 2013, and she's doing great.

  • Lauren Grindey

    1 year ago

    Lauren Grindey

    She is a brillant actor espiccely since the week comending 4th-8th febuary 2013

  • chloe

    1 year ago


    are u pregant and u r a good acter

  • NaoimhConnolly

    almost 2 years ago


    Aw i love Sonya!!.. <3 I am soo glad she is having a baby with Toadie. I cried when i heard she got a baby!!.. :') Im soo happy!!.. :D

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  • sandy

    almost 2 years ago


    i think sonya character is interesting to see how she developed into a character.

  • Michelle Wilson

    2 years ago

    Michelle Wilson

    i agree 100% with charlotte eve is a fantasic actress i just wish they bring out a dvd with the best of sonya and callum storys i would bye it. i've got the three dvd out already of neighbours i wish they would bring out some more.

  • charlotte

    2 years ago


    I love Eve, she is a fantastic actress :)

  • Michelle Wilson

    2 years ago

    Michelle Wilson

    i've just found out that troy is coming back, that's good i like to see what happens next . i also think it would make a good story lf they brought sonya's aunt robin into neighbours i would like to know how she feels that sonya is back into callum's life. is he ever going to change his surname from jones to mitchell he should have the same surname as his mum.

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  • Michelle Wilson

    over 2 years ago

    Michelle Wilson

    I liked wednesday's episode when poor callum was sick as a dog and he called sonya mum it just took him four months after he found out who she was. After what's happened to them in the past they deserve to be happy. I think callum should get his surname changed from jones to mitchell.

  • Molly

    over 2 years ago


    Calum is going to call sonya mum in the next episode. Sonya is my favourite character to so is kate ramsey and summer hoyland.

  • Michelle Wilson

    over 2 years ago

    Michelle Wilson

    I like the charater of sonya, but the thing i'm thinking of is when is callum going to call her mum?

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  • al

    over 2 years ago


    I get a bit irritated with this character but i guess its just different opinions

  • cara

    almost 3 years ago


    i like sonya she is my 2d fav caracter

  • kitkat

    almost 3 years ago


    Sonya is so hot stop todie and sonya

  • Wilma Da Fonseca

    almost 3 years ago

    Wilma Da Fonseca

    So happy for Sonya and Toadie, now they must get married and be a real family.

  • val wilcockson

    almost 3 years ago

    val wilcockson

    I am so glad that sonya is back with toadie and callum