Sonya Mitchell

A guide dog trainer trying to escape her shady past, Sonya is trying to reconnect with son Callum.

Eve Morey as Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours

Played by Eve Morey

First appearance: 2009
Relationship status: Engaged to Toadie Rebecchi
Address: No 30
Occupation: Guide dog trainer


An animal lover all her life, Sonya has relished her role as a trainer for Guide Dogs Victoria, not least for the opportunities it opened up on Ramsay Street – including finding love with local lawman Toadie.

But just when life couldn’t be better, Sonya was crushed when the Toad later chose Steph Scully over her, committing to a sham marriage as part of a plan to cover up the paternity of his mate's unborn child.

Licking her wounds, Sonya kept a low profile in a bid to let time mend her broken heart, but after Steph and Toadie's controversial plot unravelled, she soon found her way back into her ex's arms. Little did he realise that Sonya was hiding a secret of her own...