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  • Episode 7035

    Matt asks Lauren to support his plan to buy the house.

    Available for 28 days

  • Episode 7034

    Chris returns to work at the garage but his injured hand is a huge liability.

    Available for 27 days

  • Episode 7033

    Amber discovers Imogen and Daniel's dirty little secret.

    Available for 26 days

  • Episode 7032

    Kyle's decides to tell the police about Gary.

    Available for 25 days

  • Episode 7031

    Gary and Naomi blame themselves when Sheila has a heart attack.

    Available for 24 days

  • Episode 7030

    Sheila confronts Gary over his dodgy dealings with Paul.

    Available for 21 days

  • Episode 7029

    Naomi asks her neighbours to pitch in and help make the carols night a success.

    Available for 20 days

  • Episode 7028

    Worried that Brad could go to jail over the attack on Ezra, Josh makes a confession to Matt.

    Available for 19 days

  • Episode 7027

    Karl treats Brad for a bruised and battered hand, putting him in a compromising position when he later learns about the assault on Ezra.

    Available for 18 days

  • Episodes 7026

    Terese and Paul are blindsided by the news that Ezra is suing them.

    Available for 17 days

  • Episode 7025

    After Sheila orders him to return the 'hot' tools he's bought for Kyle, Gary looks for another way to compensate him.

    Available for 14 days

  • Episode 7024

    After learning that Rain has been manipulating him, Daniel's even more furious to discover that he isn't the only victim.

    Available for 13 days

  • Episode 7023

    Daniel confronts Rain, who shows her true colours, leaving him in no doubt that she is manipulating Amber.

    Available for 12 days

  • Episode 7022

    Sonya confronts the woman who has been terrorising her, and Amber makes an announcement that shocks her family.

    Available for 11 days

  • Episode 7021

    Nate makes a distressing discovery in the hole that he dug in the bush.

    Available for 10 days