Thursday 16 February

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After being told that the law firm is letting him go with the offer of a settlement, Toadie refuses to give up without a fight and decides to lay down his terms: either he gets his job back or pursues a case of unfair dismissal.

Despite Sonya's frustration that he's risked everything without consulting her, Toadie's tense wait comes to an end when Charlotte reports that Simmons and Colbert would rather have him working with than against them: he's back on board.

Shocked to discover that Emilia moonlights as a nude model, Lucas finally admits to her he’s not comfortable with it. His conservatism is proof to Emilia that there is no real connection between them, and is underscored when Michael offers her the understanding that Lucas can't.

Elsewhere, not realising how proud Michael is of her, Tash is amazed that he unquestioningly supports her decision to study Arts. However, she hasn't failed to notice that there’s something different about him: what is it?

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