Thursday 16 February

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After being told that the law firm is letting him go with the offer of a settlement, Toadie refuses to give up without a fight and decides to lay down his terms: either he gets his job back or pursues a case of unfair dismissal.

Despite Sonya's frustration that he's risked everything without consulting her, Toadie's tense wait comes to an end when Charlotte reports that Simmons and Colbert would rather have him working with than against them: he's back on board.

Shocked to discover that Emilia moonlights as a nude model, Lucas finally admits to her he’s not comfortable with it. His conservatism is proof to Emilia that there is no real connection between them, and is underscored when Michael offers her the understanding that Lucas can't.

Elsewhere, not realising how proud Michael is of her, Tash is amazed that he unquestioningly supports her decision to study Arts. However, she hasn't failed to notice that there’s something different about him: what is it?

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Comments (15)

  • Penny

    2 years ago


    Poor Lucas!

  • Annie

    2 years ago


    What happened to Libby ? She just disappeared............

  • GillianH81

    2 years ago


    Miram, Bobby Morley is on a 6 month contract, he is not a regular.

  • Michael

    2 years ago


    I agree with all the above! Why was is not mentioned after wednesdays episode!!!!

  • Steveo

    2 years ago


    Neighbours has been far better on Channel 5 than when it used to be on BBC1! Time to bring some old and familiar faces back into the stories like the scully's or Billy kennedy. It was good when Mal came back but now he's gone.

  • Tim

    2 years ago


    come on people! We all know when it comes to football, everything else gets put on the back burner!..Thank goodness for the internet!

  • Sue

    2 years ago

    Sue the episodes that are showing in Australia now,...Aiden is still there!..

  • lou

    2 years ago


    I agree a bit of warning would have been nice, i would have watched it earlier if i'd known.

  • ancarra

    2 years ago


    I didnt realise what had happened until we put the television on and realised no repeat of this afternoons episode. Luckily could access on here

  • lucy hole

    2 years ago

    lucy hole

    yes, me too. i was looking through my planner because i had a bad feeling it might not be on but stupid football ruined all of the programmes if any of you watch coronation street its not on tonight.

  • ancarra

    2 years ago


    Agree with above. Had to watch it online now

  • caroline

    2 years ago


    yes I agree....there was no warning! this is my down time, for some who might have problems getting demand five mights record the football by mistake!!!!

  • Rhiann

    2 years ago


    @Sim, that got me so mad too, just had to come and watch it here instead as the chuffin' football decided to take Neighbours slot with no notice at all from channel5 :/

  • Sim

    2 years ago


    Why are we not warned that Football is taking the place of Neighbous in this evening.?I am an avid fan and just as it's getting interesting you dare to put football on! It apparently was on at lunch time but that's not good enough.The least you can do is explain that neighbours will NOT be screened TODAY after last nights episode..your quick to give us the intel before the programme which gets up my nose also.Give us a break!Sheesh..I am so annoyed!

  • Miriam

    2 years ago


    Has Aiden gone from being a guest to a full time caste member now?