Tuesday 17 August

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After locking herself in the toilet, terrified of her bully, Susan calls Zeke to come to her rescue. And when he finds Gemma also in the toilets, questions are raised about her involvement.

Attempting to get on with her life, Susan goes for a coffee with Lyn and Terry, but when she suddenly finds herself abandoned, she freaks out.

Karl eventually finds her in the blokes' shed, but she is too shaky to walk, leaving Karl worried she is ill again.

With everyone stressed out and the police unable to help, Zeke decides to hack into the university's records.

Meanwhile, Sophie is struggling with her geometry work, but with Harry gone she needs a new tutor. Callum's suggestion of Andrew goes down like a lead balloon, but then secret maths whizz Natasha volunteers her services.

And when Andrew finally finds out the truth about his girlfriend's brains he is thrilled.

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