Monday 23 August

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Desperate to save his mum from being implicated in Paul's dealings, Declan asks Diana to reconsider, but she is having none of it - he's missed his chance.

And in an attempt to make up for giving Diana all the information she needed on Paul, Andrew tries to think of ways to save PirateNet. When Paul announces he is hiring shock jock Paddy Sullivan for the station, Zeke quits in protest. So Andrew recruits Donna to fill his place, and she is a surprise hit.

But Zeke isn't impressed that she's gone behind his back, even though Andrew has told her Zeke is ill, not on strike. Realising what Andrew has been up to, Declan turns on him, but Paul defends his son, leaving Rebecca despairing about the men in her life.

But when Paul discovers Andrew's role in Diana finding out about the finances, he is livid.

Meanwhile, Natasha finds out the truth about Chris and Summer's night in the hotel.


  • Tue 24 Aug

    Andrew's family and friends forget his birthday, while Diana tricks Paul into committing the ultimate betrayal.


  • Fri 20 Aug

    Diana exploits Andrew to obtain confidential information on Paul's business empire.

  • Thu 19 Aug

    Susan's stalker confesses, while Diana turns the screw on Declan.

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