Thursday 26 August

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After their feud about PirateNet, Zeke apologises to Donna, leaving her worried that everything in her life is going so well. Great friends, great boyfriend, good business - where is the catch?

Then Ringo gets some news that look set to change things. He's won a Green Card. He isn't sure whether to go, and he definitely doesn't want to leave Donna, but his fiancee is far more enthusiastic.

She proposes they go as a couple, as she can find work. But after Elle informs her finding work is unlikely, their plans look doomed. Until Zeke finds out that Ringo can take Donna if they get married really soon...

Elsewhere, after much agonising, Steph decides to call Dan. But he is having none of it and asks her to stay away. Lucas and Libby can't understand why she's been calling Dan, but she manages to bluff her way out of it. But how much longer can the lie stay secret?


  • Fri 27 Aug

    Andrew does his best to sabotage Donna's wedding plans, while Kate has to choose between dancing and teaching.


  • Wed 25 Aug

    Steph has a big decision to make when she hears some worrying news about Dan, and Diana gets friendly with Rebecca.

  • Tue 24 Aug

    Andrew's family and friends forget his birthday, while Diana tricks Paul into committing the ultimate betrayal.

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