Monday 30 August

Episode 5966

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While Donna expected dad Nick to be none too happy about her quick marriage to Ringo, she can't understand why Andrew is equally negative.

The wayward teenager tries everything to get her to reconsider, including an attempt to seduce her, which results in a nasty punch from Ringo.

Then Donna realises his problem - he is scared that the one person who is still on his side will leave him and go to America. But her attempts to reassure him fall on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, Kate is still struggling to decide whether to follow a career in teaching or dancing. Michael tells her to pursue dancing while she is still young and fit enough, but Callum finally convinces her teaching is her true passion.

The only problem is that younger sister Sophie has other plans for her glamorous big sister, and will need a bit of persuasion herself to allow Kate to follow the education route.


  • Tue 31 Aug

    The rift widens between Andrew and Paul as the lad moves out, and Libby makes things very awkward for Steph and Toadie.


  • Fri 27 Aug

    Andrew does his best to sabotage Donna's wedding plans, while Kate has to choose between dancing and teaching.

  • Thu 26 Aug

    Donna hopes her future lies with Ringo in foreign climes, while Dan rejects Steph's attempts to see him.

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