Monday 7 March

Episode 6091

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Karl thinks up some fundraising ideas for the Scully house rebuild, but when Jade and Karl lay a wager, the competition heats up. The day of Tash's check-up has arrived.


  • Tue 8 Mar

    Shocked Tash struggles to come to terms with her discovery.


  • Fri 4 Mar

    Rebecca tells Paul that his tactics are poisoning everyone.

  • Thu 3 Mar

    Rebecca and Declan are forced to keep a secret.

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Comments (8)

  • Tihesha

    3 years ago


    I feel bad for Tash, BUT Andrew And Summer should get together they make a good couple but so does Tash and Andrew.

  • Kitty

    3 years ago


    Aw I feel bad for Tash but Summer and Andrew do seem to go well together. Anybody know the name and artist of the song playing when Tash first sees Sum and Andrew together?

  • leo

    3 years ago


    i think summer and andrew are a cool,happy couple

  • layla

    3 years ago


    cant wait to find out what happens when tash finds out about summer and andrew :)

  • miniminx

    3 years ago


    they look like there mean't 2 b

  • GraceHancorn

    3 years ago


    they are so cute together

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  • Ore1234

    3 years ago


    i feel sorry 4 tash but andrew and summer are so cute 2gether