Friday 18 March

Episode 6100

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Suspecting Tash may not actually be pregnant, Summer sets out to prove her theory by trying to sneak a look at Tash's hospital file.

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Comments (26)

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  • roxy

    3 years ago


    lol i agree with sacul

  • Tom

    3 years ago


    YES! she needs to fake a mischarge... either that or a miscarriage. Sorry Amy, this is how we learn though ay, through friendly correction. My prediction: a Ridley Scott-style Alien will burst out of her stomach having been ingested via a dodgy sandwich at Charlie's.

  • amy

    3 years ago


    she needs to fake a mischarge

  • sacul

    3 years ago


    You lot, really make me laugh, how about thinking that it's not real, cause it's acting, makes a good storyline to be honest, if you all have a problem with summer/tash/andrew/anyone. Then Stop watching neighbours, cause it's an programme not an dislike button on facebook, god, get over yourselfs, it's not them that need to get over themselfs, its you,

  • Ash

    3 years ago


    OMG Summer just hit Tash!! She is soo annoying, frying my head right now. Really wish it would come out that she isn't pregnant, so that Summer and Andrew could be together

  • Issy

    3 years ago


    yeah i totally agree with everyone !! Tash is really annoying me ! i really want them to find out soon that she has been lieing >:D !!

  • nonagon

    3 years ago


    it just shows how selfish people can be and how they want everything they want even if it means hurting people

  • Lulu Baker

    3 years ago

    Lulu Baker

    tash is a bitch, she shouldn.t lie about being pregnant cause now it has gone too far and she has told everyone and then when she tells andrew and her dad that she'd not pregnant they r gonna b soo upset!

  • aimee

    3 years ago


    summer is a bitch

  • aimee k l

    3 years ago

    aimee k l

    summers a idiot u dnt cheat wid ur frends man shes a cow tash is evil bt is hurtin dnt blame her one bit

  • crazysam

    3 years ago


    Cant believe tash is still lieing to everyone when the truth comes out its gonna break michael, andrew heart. why cant tash just let andrew and summer be together its obvous that they both still love each other. Nathasha needs to stop being a selfish, childish and spikeful person and think of how she is affecting and treating others.

  • Lucy

    3 years ago


    I think that tash should tell them so summer and Andrew can get back together

  • tanz

    3 years ago


    Lol.. I have to agree with the above comment. Tash annoyed me lots!! But this episode was like listening to cat a sing.. Summer needs to get a life. I know shes hurting but seriously if Tash was pregnant (althought we know she isnt) showing her attitude and behaving like that is plain and simple wrong..

  • Dew

    3 years ago


    Poor Andrew I don't think so.. Why is he kissing Tash when he is in love with summer. Is he over summer? Tash is so needy and childish im surprise he hasn't left her long before pregnancy.

  • me

    3 years ago


    i hate tash, B*t*ch lol Summer is adorable, Andrew Get a grip / brain be with her!

  • Michael

    3 years ago


    Summer is even more annoying than Tash. Like 50x more. I get a headache every time she's on!

  • jolene

    3 years ago


    i think tash should just come clean about

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  • Kim

    3 years ago


    Tash is really annoying me. Hazel I think summer might be pregnant too. Poor Andrew that would just complicate things

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  • Neighbours

    3 years ago


    i hate tash! what is she anyway! oh my gosh! why would you lie to your boyfriend that your pregnant when your not just so you stop him from going to someone else!!!!!!

  • Jack

    3 years ago


    "dis" isn't real

  • sandra

    3 years ago


    dont like tash!

  • hazel

    3 years ago


    i think it tht will end up being summer being pregnant as her and andrew have slep together lol thats would be good lol

  • Ajmal

    3 years ago


    tash is an idiot how can see do somethin like dis?