Monday 4 April

Episode 6111

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Given the ideal birthday gift from Brennan, Kate thinks that the pressure is on to be perfect too - so she realises she needs to find Brennan's flaw.


  • Tue 5 Apr

    Sonya is hurt by Callum's announcement.


  • Fri 1 Apr

    Some unexpected news threatens Sonya's secret.

  • Thu 31 Mar

    Kate is drawn into Lucas and Brennan's undercover sting.

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Comments (18)

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  • MrJuanito

    3 years ago


    Salsa club at 2pm, the same time as the funeral!? Hmmm, maybe they should have thought that one through!

  • bubbles

    3 years ago


    it was way way better when donna was in it she made it was more fun 2 watch

  • Twiggywigs

    3 years ago


    The guy who plays Brennan is gorgeous, beautiful eyes.....

  • guliver77

    3 years ago


    Neighbours is still fab.... but I remember the good old days! Summer was awful way back when, and she's even worse now. Irritating, whiney little madam! Why can't we be rid of the whole Scully clan once and for all?!

  • Chuch

    3 years ago


    Omg... Brennan... Could he BE any more perfect!! Nomnomnomnomnom

  • schweizerin

    3 years ago


    All negative comments might mean it'll be axed. Do you want that - I don't and can't envisage life without Neighbours.

  • love

    3 years ago


    brennan is the perfect boyfriend <3 lol x

  • JJ x

    3 years ago

    JJ x

    Sonya should tell callum and he should go I HATE U!!! That wud be so funny!

  • Greg

    3 years ago


    I hate summers face... End of.

  • Amyrox2012

    3 years ago


    I love Nieghbours i think Tash is soo mean and unthoughtful she should just let Andrew and Summer be together and Tash stop lying about being pregnant you liar Get out of Neighbours Tash

  • el

    3 years ago


    i prefer summer when shes with the kenidies instead of andrew and tash, shes soo much nicer and funnier

  • Hayley

    3 years ago


    I love neighbours and have been watching it for ages! My favourite character used to be Elle (Pauls daughter) and then Donna, but now I'm not sure.Comments???

  • Ellie

    3 years ago


    I love neighbours i love all the drama's that everyone haves!

  • marykate

    3 years ago


    i love nieghbours my fav characters r summer and andrew

  • Toadie

    3 years ago


    Bring back stonefish!

  • a

    3 years ago


    Hear that! Bring back the the daft innocence of Harold and Madge

  • lisa

    3 years ago


    i hate neighbours now its trying to make rubish up to make it even longer i prefered when they all used to laugh and have a good time but now its just drama