Tuesday 5 April

Episode 6112

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When a builder returns Andrew's watch and Tash discovers it was found in Summer's bedroom, she is reminded why she is hell bent on revenge and embarks on a fresh attack.


  • Wed 6 Apr

    Paul launches a campaign to humiliate and intimidate Declan.


  • Mon 4 Apr

    Sonya panics when Callum reveals he wants to find his mother.

  • Fri 1 Apr

    Some unexpected news threatens Sonya's secret.

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Comments (21)

  • Beth

    3 years ago


    ashleigh brewer was in H20, she played gracie in series 2, charlotte's grandmpther who fell in love with Max. she was also in the sleepover club as alana... one of the evil girls

  • lucy pogson

    3 years ago

    lucy pogson

    hay Howrse.com im a huge fan of h2o n since wen was kate in it n who did she nplay n plz dont say cleo cz it iz not her

  • Poppy

    3 years ago


    i hate Tash, Andrew and Summer all the way! :D

  • bea

    3 years ago



  • rebecca

    3 years ago


    summer is so lovely, wish she had some luck at some point, feel so sorry for her that she cannot be with the one she loves just because of some stupid girl faking a pregnancy, andrew should of got with summer even if tash was pregnant, just because they arn't together doesnt mean he couldn't provide for their 'BABY' Summer won't wait around forever so i hope andrew see's sense soon! HATE TASH STUPID GIRL!!

  • Michael

    3 years ago


    It's a shame the watch arrived just when Andrew and Tasha were getting on well.Andrew should stay away from dull and selfish Summer and stick with his real girlfriend.

  • cutebabe

    3 years ago


    I Love Neighbours xxxxx

  • nan76

    3 years ago


    and what will be the end results of this pregnancy? miscarriage? careful tash!

  • Michael

    3 years ago


    Haha you give it to him Tash he deserves everything he gets!

  • anonymose neighbors fan

    3 years ago

    anonymose neighbors fan

    she is such a cow its unbelievable so andrew was with summer they are in love and what tash is doing is unbelievable faking a pregancy sad

  • Hiiii :)

    3 years ago

    Hiiii :)

    OMG Tash is such a B*!@# for lying to andrew all this time and making him spend all of his money on stuff they won't even need in the future! i used to like her before all of her lies... when is she gonna tell the TRUTH?!

  • annemarie garden

    3 years ago

    annemarie garden

    annemarie what a liar tash is get rid andrew

  • mfnldjkvbaf`lkjwv

    3 years ago


    I HATE TASH! She is sooo mean :(

  • Louise

    3 years ago


    Tash what a b@I$th

  • alex wall

    3 years ago

    alex wall

    Who cares about if Lyn not her real nan ?

  • Howrse.com

    3 years ago


    Kate was in h2o kust add water! and will in h2o is in home and away! lol xp

  • in to this far to much!!!!!

    3 years ago

    in to this far to much!!!!!

    tash get rid of her, what a naf charecter!!!!

  • NeighboursFan[;

    3 years ago



  • Patricia Taplin

    3 years ago

    Patricia Taplin

    I think the writers of Neighbours forget that Lyn is not Summers real Nan

  • humairah

    3 years ago


    i love neighbours

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