Friday 1 July

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He's as honest as the day is long, so it came as no surprise when Mark blew the whistle on a corrupt colleague - but now he wishes the whole sorry saga would come to an end.

So, when Paul reveals he is about to make the copper front page news with a story about the case, Mark finally snaps and has a slanging match with the dodgy businessman - right in front of Kate.

She is stunned by his behaviour, and even more surprised when he tells her exactly what has happened - and that he needs her to use her influence over Paul to keep the story quiet.

Meanwhile, Andrew works out that Tash has been sneaking out to see Ivan, her older lover.

He worries she might be getting out of her depth, particularly when she begins handing around a fake ID. But when Andrew confronts her, she gives him a very good reason to keep his mouth shut.

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