Monday 5 September

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The day of the auction arrives, the finances are sorted and Toadie vows to be there for Sonya. But nerves soon get the better of her and, despite her being the successful bidder, her excitement turns to something more unexpected.

Faced with Tash’s latest ploy for his attention, Michael’s resolve is sorely tested. Can he hold onto this new style of parenting?

Elsewhere, an unlikely friendship is born when Karl accepts Rhys's challenge to a round of golf, hoping a bit of one-upmanship might take his mind off Susan’s ongoing obsession with Jim’s declining health.


  • Tue 6 Sep

    Sonya takes a pregnancy test, realising she has to have an answer.


  • Fri 2 Sep

    Tash becomes obsessed with making herself better.

  • Thu 1 Sep

    Susan confronts Karl after he interferes in her friendship with Jim.

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