Monday 26 September

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Frustrated with Kyle’s tactics, Jade takes it upon herself to oust Michelle and ultimately enlists Rhys to help her. Jade’s successful, but as they wave Michelle off she drops a bombshell – she knows all about their ‘arrangement’. To Jade’s horror, Sonya is there to hear it.

Struggling with lying to Tash, Michael brushes off Sonya when she comes to him about the kitchen garden program. Shame-faced, he apologises and Sonya unwittingly gives him some very pertinent advice about being honest. Fearful that keeping the secret will only lead to him losing Tash in the long run, Michael steels himself to tell the truth. But can he?

Receiving an email from Elle, Lucas is thrilled to learn the garage is his and finally makes peace with his father’s memory.


  • Tue 27 Sep

    With Karl missing Susan so much, Summer makes it her mission to cheer him up.


  • Fri 23 Sep

    When Jade and Kyle can take no more, they offer Michelle money to leave.

  • Thu 22 Sep

    Kate's efforts to help Noah increase his crush on her.

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