Monday 3 October

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Worried she’s inherited a medical condition from her late mother, Tash searches for answers. Finding nothing at home or online, Summer tries to subtly probe Michael but only manages to arouse his suspicions. When he sees his wife’s name in his internet search history, he realises Tash's game and confronts her. Knowing how hard it is for Michael to talk about her mother, Tash puts her interest to bed.

After being hurt by the fact of Kyle going home with another woman, Jade does her best to avoid him and focuses her energies on work. However, when Kyle suspects Jade is only working so much to cover the extra rent now Michelle’s gone, he invites Rhys to move in. Fuming, Jade takes her deeper frustration out on Kyle, leaving him confused by her overreaction.

Sonya learns of the shopping centre development. She isn’t thrilled on political grounds, preferring to support small local businesses over corporate giants. However, when she discovers the development includes a proposed garden centre, Sonya realises this is personal: her own business may be under threat.


  • Tue 4 Oct

    Confused by Jade's mood swings, Rhys soon figures out her secret. Can she trust his promise to keep quiet?


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