Thursday 6 October

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Karl tries to distract himself from thoughts of Susan, but he’s forced to confront their issues when Rhys reveals her patient advocacy article is about to be published - and it’s a scathing attack on the hospital.

Karl tries but fails to get in contact with Susan, before Summer suggests his only option is to ask Paul not to publish it. However, despite an emotional appeal, Paul refuses to spike the story, pushing Karl to accuse him of not knowing what it takes to make a marriage work. Stung, will Paul reconsider his stance?

Kate worries that Sophie will get her heart broken by Year 12 loner Noah, but Paul alerts her to a bigger fear – what if Noah has similar feelings? Kate susses out Noah and is relieved to discover he doesn’t. Keen to protect Sophie, Kate advises him to pull back a little. Noah obliges, but Sophie becomes suspicious. Kate manages to allay her concerns, hopeful she’ll grow out of her crush soon.

Desperate to get the capital they need to start their money-making scheme, Andrew promises a student whatever car he wants as long as he pays up front. However, unbeknownst to Andrew, he's promised an incredibly hard to find model. How will Andrew and Chris get out of this one?


  • Fri 7 Oct

    Chris reassesses his position when Lucas puts business before staff solidarity.


  • Wed 5 Oct

    An infatuated Sophie organises a gig for Noah.

  • Tue 4 Oct

    Confused by Jade's mood swings, Rhys soon figures out her secret. Can she trust his promise to keep quiet?

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