Tuesday 25 October

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Forced to leave Sonya’s birthday party early, Toadie struggles to focus on his work. Realising his job with Simmons and Colbert is on shaky ground, Toadie promises to find a way to stop Paul standing in the way of the development. Worried that Sonya will lose her nursery if can't save his job, Toadie jumps on Malcom's idea to find another area for the centre's car park. But then he's faced with a whole new dilemma...

Meanwhile, Chris avoids making a decision about his future, by focusing on helping Andrew find the car he promised Erik. But when Chris gets his stories mixed up and Erik demands his money back, he fears he’s blown it. Andrew refuses to give up, promising Erik he can pick up his car from the garage that afternoon despite not having yet found one. Can he turn his fortunes around?



  • Mon 24 Oct

    Jade clashes with her new cleaner, and Toadie must decide whether to let down his family temporarily or risk his career.

  • Fri 21 Oct

    Tash asks Summer and Chris to visit her grandparents' house, and Paul finds a potential solution to his problems with the shopping centre development.

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